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Have you ever wanted to just jump on a plane and go somewhere? Wondering what booking last minute travel is really like? It’s different for everyone, but here’s my experience when booking a last minute vacation.

What booking last minute travel is really like

As a full time blogger I don’t have to worry too much about when it comes to my work schedule. I can basically work anywhere, and let’s be honest… Travelling is work when you write about your trips!

Recently I managed to score a great last minute deal to Cuba. The flight departure time was less than a week from when I booked! Sure, it’s not quite as spontaneous as just picking up and going – but it was something I did without any prior planning.

My experience booking last minute travel

First of all you have to have a job with some flexibility. Freelancing, retirement, or any job where you’re your own boss are pretty safe bets to be able to sneak away on a sudden vacation. Some employers are great, others not so much. Be aware of your schedule before booking any trip!

Here’s the good (and bad) that I discovered from my last minute vacation.

What booking last minute travel is really like

No anticipation

A huge part of travelling is the anticipation. Having a trip on the horizon, even if it’s far into the future, makes people happier. Since I booked last minute, I only had a week to get excited for my trip. In fact, I didn’t start getting really excited until a couple days before departure.

Lots to do beforehand

In my case I had to scramble and clear up some work items on my plate before going. Besides that, there was also a bit of shopping that needed to be done. (You have to have a new bathing suit!) Not to mention packing.

Booking last minute travel was a good deal

This is one advantage of booking closer to the departure date: the prices were great. I booked with a travel agent because the rates were the same and she managed to get me a room upgrade at no extra cost, too. Turns out we had the last booking available on that flight!

What booking last minute travel is really like

Helps with that spontaneity itch

I love being spontaneous so booking a last minute vacation was an exciting spur of the moment thing. It’s not often you can just decide on a whim to go somewhere so you have to take advantage of those chances when they come up!

No time for research

Personally I like to research before I go on vacation. For this trip, I did limited research both into the resort and where we were going. Thankfully I had family who’d been before. Plus online reviews were super helpful in making my last minute resort decision!

Another thing I like to do when going to a foreign country is learn some of their language. Of course you can’t learn every language with limited free time, but you can at least brush up on some common phrases. I speak French fluently and can sort of understand Spanish, but I would have liked to brush up on it a bit more before going.

Booking last minute travel made me feel really fortunate

One thing that’s hard to value is how a trip makes someone feel. By being able to pack up and go I was reminded how much I love my job. And who doesn’t enjoy making their social media followers envious, even just a little bit? There’s something special about a last minute trip that differs from planned travel.