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Look, we all love laying on the beach or lounging by the pool. Most of the time, these are really the highlight of a resort vacation. But it also can be a little tiresome, especially when that’s all you’re doing for a week. So I thought I put together some other things to do at a resort.

It’s really good to have some other activities planned when travelling, especially when you’re visiting a resort that you don’t plan on leaving. When we go to Cuba, for example, it’s no big deal to pop into Havana for a day or book an excursion. Places like Mexico, on the other hand, can be more dangerous for tourists so we’re not always eager to go out and about.

Things to do at a Resort

When you’re visiting a resort, look for these activities to check out while you’re there. Some of them can be found at almost any resort hotel, while others might only apply to certain ones.

The best way to find out what’s available is to talk to the resort concierge, your travel agent, or even the front desk.

Free Shows

Every resort I’ve stayed in so far has had some kind of entertainment. Whether it’s a small concert put on by a local band or a play, there’s usually some kind of free entertainment to be watched. The most common type of free show you’re going to see is music, which can be a great way to absorb some local culture without leaving the resort.

Make sure you find out the schedule beforehand and see if there’s any reservations required.


Most resorts have a few shopping options that you can check out without having to go out and about. This is great if you’re not familiar with the area, or just generally stay on resort.

Most of the time, resort shopping is designed for tourists and it’s going to be more expensive than local markets, so keep that in mind. Still, you can get a lot of neat souvenirs right in your resort gift shop and if you take out the cost of transportation, they’re probably not much more expensive.

Another cool thing that some resorts do is allow select locals to set up mini markets within the resort to sell handmade items.

Fancy Dinner

A lot of resorts have different tiers of restaurants. Usually the buffet is for everyone, but there’s often certain dining options that are reservation only for dinner. Some will have an extra cost, but most offer at least one dinner for free if you’re all inclusive.

Make sure you book your dinner reservation on the first day of your stay because they tend to fill up quickly.

Nightclub or Nightlife

A lot of modern resorts have nightclubs now, which is great for adults who want to party a bit while they’re away. If you’re at an all inclusive admission is usually included, and so are your drinks.

Some resorts also offer evening parties that are for all ages, so if you’re travelling with kids that’s a great option.

Classes or Lessons

There are so many of these it’s almost impossible to list all the options you might find. Most commonly, though, resorts will have: Yoga, dance lessons (including for couples), art classes, fitness classes, snorkeling, surfing, and stuff for the kids.

Some of these lessons are drop in, others you’ll need to pre register for. Most of the time, though, they’re included with your stay. Make sure you’re aware of the schedule and location of anything you want to attend.

Free Rentals

Most resorts have a bunch of equipment that guests can rent out, free of charge. Surfboards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, bikes, and sports equipment like balls or racquets.

A lot of people don’t realize what options are out there, so definitely check with your resort to see what’s available and what the process is for reserving equipment.

Make Some Friends

On our last trip we managed to suddenly become best friends after a night of drinking with meeting some fellow Canadians. There’s something about the relaxed environment of a resort that just makes it easier to start conversations with other people who are hanging around.

Since people visit resorts from all over, it’s also a fun way to meet people from different parts of the world without having to travel all over.

Check Out Unique Amenities

Every resort is different, but most offer something unique in each one. Some have wellness centers with a gym or even massages (sometimes one is included!). Others might have unique entertainment options like arcades or movie theatres.

Whether it’s big stuff like its own golf course or checking out their in house coffee shop, you’re likely to find something fun to do if you’ve booked the right resort.


Some of the most fun I’ve had on vacation is just walking around the resort. There’s usually so much to see and often secret areas that you never even knew were there. Make sure to scope out every restaurant on your adventure, too, just in case.

You probably will also find information about your local area or extra services you can book. Make sure you check those out early in your stay. Some things, like a massage or special meal, can happen right in your room!

Hopefully you’ll have fun trying out these things to do at a resort. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with lying on the beach for a week too! Get that relaxation in while you can.