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Not everyone has a quarantine buddy or someone to have an at home date night with. If you’re flying solo (pun intended), but are still dying to get out and satisfy that sense of wanderlust you have, then you’ll need to get creative all on your own. Here’s some great travel related activities to do at home alone.

Honestly, they’re better than just watching something on Netflix and lamenting the fact that you haven’t left your couch in weeks. Well, maybe except to go to work. (Especially if you’re saving for a vacation.)

Travel Related Activities to do at Home Alone

These activities might be fun with a partner or friends, but they’re also just as fun to do solo.

Escape in a book

Don’t just read anything, though. Find something that can really let you explore a new place. Look for books with detailed settings in far away places, ideally somewhere exotic.

If you don’t want to read fiction, you can also check out an interesting history book about an area you’d love to explore.

Plan some travel outfits

What are you going to wear in Dubai? How about while walking the streets of Paris? Do some research about local fashion trends or try and find some interesting pieces that you’d love to add to your travel waradobe.

Even if you’re not super fashion focused you could also look for practical options. Find the best walking shoes out there, or price out a great light jacket that’s perfect for the plane.

Exotic dinner for one

Treat yourself! Order take out from one of your favourite exotic restaurants or check out one you haven’t tried before. You could even get courageous and sample a few things off the menu.

Another fun idea is to decide on a certain dish you want to try and look for a restaurant that will serve it. Or you could try cooking it at home!

Take a virtual tour

Whether it’s a museum, a walk, or something else, try looking online to satisfy your adventurous spirit. There’s so much to explore now, and most of it is in amazing detail.

So get comfy and spend the evening checking out spots you can’t visit in real life.

Revisit old memories

You can look at past travel photos on your computer and relive those memories for a fun travel related activity. If you went with someone (or a group), consider giving them a call so you can reminisce together.

If you’re feeling more creative, make a craft or do a DIY project with your pictures. Maybe now’s the time you finally get to hanging them up?

Play a video game

While it’s not the same thing, playing a video game that has a lot of exploration elements can help give you some of that excitement you get from travelling.

Something like Uncharted or Tomb Rader, for example, is all about exploring!

Drink on your patio

You know that feeling when you wake up in a hotel room without anything to worry about? Or those quiet evening where you can sit and enjoy a drink without a care in the world? Try and recreate those feelings.

Whether it’s your morning coffee or an evening drink, take it outside and enjoy just being there.