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You know what’s not very fun? Staying home. Or at least it’s not very fun when you’re itching to travel but can’t go anywhere right now. That doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and be jealous of everyone else taking a trip, though! Instead, try these travel related activities to do at home for couples.

They’re not only great date night ideas, but they can also be a fun way to tie yourself over until your next getaway. Whether you’re stuck at home because of some kind of pandemic, you can’t afford to travel, or it’s just not a good time – these activities can help you connect and enjoy your time together as a couple.

Travel Related Activities to do at Home for Couples

Travelling is something my partner and I do that we both enjoy. No matter what it is, every trip is an adventure. So when there’s a long time between vacations it can get pretty tedious. Here’s some ways we have fun together at home when we can’t travel.

Plan your next getaway

This one might seem counter intuitive but it can actually be a lot of fun. If you’re not sure where to go on your next trip now can be the perfect time to iron out all the details. That way you can start the next steps, like making a budget or booking hotels.

It’s also fun to take time and explore some fantasy vacation ideas. They might not be the next trip, but you can always jot down ideas for trips to take somewhere down the line.

Make it a themed night

The cornier the better! Take your spouse to Italy, complete with Italian music and “authentic” Italian cuisine. (OK fine, Olive Garden take out is OK too.) Pair it with a nice wine from the region and don’t forget dessert!

For a little extra something to do, find a movie set in that area. Or maybe you can even find one in the language of the area you’re ‘visiting’?

Read travel guides or magazines together

Sometimes it’s fun to go ‘sightseeing’ in some travel publications. Whether it’s your favourite magazine or a travel guide for somewhere you’d like to go, take the time to explore as if you were really there.

You can even go one step further and look up some of the places you hear about in your travel guide so you can ‘visit’ all the tourist attractions.

Use Googles Maps to explore

It’s not the same as being there but it does make a good stand in. Take a Google maps tour of a cool vacation spot or landmark. There’s so many cool places you can actually walk around in on there – right from home!

Here’s some ideas for places to explore!

Take a virtual museum trip

There might be some museums out there that you’ll never check out, or at least not for a long time. Instead of wishing you can go, check if your destination has a virtual tour. A lot of museums are adding these, or at least giving you part of the collection to view online.

The best part? You can hit up multiple museums on the same day and food and drinks are allowed while you view.

Learn a new language

Or at least a few phrases. This is really fun if you’re going some place where most people don’t speak English. Start practicing some basic phrases that you’ll need to get by.

Doing this as a couple is great because you can actually work on your conversation skills.

Watch a popular live performance

Do you have dreams of visiting Broadway? How about seeing someone special in concert? A lot of these popular stage shows have movie versions, or even a recording of the live perforamance.

Pretend you’re seeing the even of your lifetime right in your living room. Don’t forget to get dressed up and ready to ‘go out’ on your big date night!

Learn a new dance

No, I don’t mean the ones on Tick Tok. Even if they’re fun. I mean something like Salsa dancing! Use online dance lessons or YouTube and pick up some steps to popular couples’ dances.

It might feel like dance lessons in the resort, which is always fun, but even if it doesn’t at least you’ll have some new moves before your next vacation.

Listen to music (or make a playlist)

Whether you decide to listen to some regional music from a place you’d like to visit or work on your perfect collection of road trip jams, listening to music as a couple can be a really fun way to connect.

Another fun idea to incorporate travel and music into a date night is to learn folk songs from different parts of the world. Then sing them together!

Recreate your favourite travel food

This one always makes me think of Disneyland, but you can recreate any dish you’ve had together travelling. If you look online, you can usually find awesome copycat recipes for most popular dishes.

Homemade Dole Whip, anyone?

Hopefully you’ll be able to get some ideas out of these travel related activities to do at home for couples. And maybe, just maybe, they can hold you over until the next time you’re able to take a trip.