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These are some top-tier gift ideas to celebrate dads on-the-go! Keep your dad stylish, comfy and ready for takeoff with some truly inspired travel themed gifts. You know how he gets when something’s out of place, right? We’ll help you find just the right gift to get him to where he needs to be! (I’m guessing feet in the sand, right?)

The Ultimate Travel Gift Ideas for Dad

Surprise dad with these travel gift ideas that he defiantly won’t forget to pack!

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Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

Sore feet? Not a problem with this silky-soft, memory foam fitted airplane footrest! Get dad the comfy he deserves so he can snooze his way to O’ahu in style.

Carry on Cocktail Kit Moscow Mule

Turn dad’s next flight from drab to fab with this self-contained, miniature Moscow Mule cocktail kit! It’s perfectly in-cabin flight approved, and has all of the fixings he needs to make his favorite drink! (Give him a few bucks for some mini Vodkas, too!)

Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle

Go on, take your water and run! For the dad’s whose thirst is never really quenched, this portable, fully collapsible water bottle beats those gross plastic water sack things.

Pack This! Packing List Notepad

Dad is far from loosing his marbles, but he does sometimes forget to pack socks! Grab him this hilariously practical notepad for checking off all of the essential pre-flight!

“Wash Me” Travel Laundry Bag

Looking for a super useful travel gift idea for dad? This stow-able travel laundry bag is a no-brainer! Keeps his dirty clothes separated, and mom off his tail on their big trip.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

What’s the worst thing that can happen at the airport? Your checked bag is too heavy! Grab dad one of these handy scales to save him the embarrassment of having to re pack in the lobby! (We’ve all been there!)

Nite Ize Rubber Twist Gear Tie

Keep those cables in check with this one-of-a-kind travel gift idea for dad he’ll adore! These reusable cable ties are simple, and keep your cords from tangling!

Concealed Neck Wallet With RFID Blocking

Does it get more ‘dad’ than this? A totally concealable, RFID blocking neck wallet and passport holder. Oh heck yeah.

Jack Links Beef Jerky

If there was one trademark snack for dad’s on-the-go this would be it! Grab dad the travel gift he won’t be able to put down. A fresh pack of Jack Links beef jerky. Can you blame him?

New Balance Comfort Shoes

The trademark dad shoe, these ultra comfortable New Balance runners are the best for travelling! Kick back in the airplane, or keep your feet from getting sore on the road. Seriously, they’re the dad shoe for a reason!

Travel Pro Crew Softside Expandable Luggage

Every dad the world over has that beat up, rugged old airline brand luggage on its last leg. Give him something fresh with this highly practical expandable upright luggage. Sometimes the best travel gift ideas for dad are the simplest ones!

Men’s Outdoor Safari Travel Photo Vest

Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to call them either. That being said, these vests are a must for any dad on his way to an exotic locale! (Or fishing trip!)

Men’s Premium 15 Piece Travel Kit

What makes it premium? This kit is the ideal medley of male hygiene and styling products that are TSA approved! It’s the all-in-one solution so dad can fly away without a care!

Compact Binoculars Waterproof with Night Vision

These are the creme de la creme of highly-portable binoculars! Quite possibly the best travel gift idea for dads, these ‘binos are top tier! Equipped with night vision, waterproof and high power they’re good for the birder and the sightseer!

Best. Dad. Ever. Visor

Real dads know. (Visors aren’t just for golf!) Grab him on of these heartwarming and whimsical visors so he can travel in style!

Carry-on Personal Item Backpack for Flying

An under seat backpack that fits perfectly in airline compartments is a great idea! Dad will love the RFID protection, as well as the anti-theft pockets for all of his gadgets!

Monopoly Deal Game

We couldn’t get this far without including a board game! (One of my favorite hobbies!) Need a travel gift idea for dad that he’ll enjoy? Make that long flight just a bit shorter with this simple and fun Monopoly card game. It’s portable, and features short rounds for quick play.

Casio Men’s AE1000W-1B

This is a men’s travel watch fit for a king! That being said, it’s really a dad accessory he shouldn’t go without. Tell the time in the dark, on a 24 clock, and all year long!

Men’s Novelty Airplane Socks

Take it whimsical with this pair of novelty airplane travel socks! They’re a fun and stylish gift idea for the dad that’s always on the run(way)!

“This is My Airport Shirt” T-Shirt

It just about says it all. This living dad joke will become his new favorite jet-setting attire! This is a funny travel gift idea for dad he’s sure to love.

With any luck you’ve landed the perfect travel gift idea for dad! Get him set for his trip, and leave a surprise gift at home for his next journey! For the dads who can’t shake their sense of adventure, happy travels!