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If you’re dealing with an older camper, it can sometimes feel like accessorizing it isn’t as fun. Let’s be honest: when things are dated you kind of just… give up. At least in the decorating department. But I’m going to show you some real life cheap ways to accessorize an older camper.

Cheap Ways to Accessorize an Older Camper

I personally love adding a little decorative touch to any space. Nothing too crazy (I’m all about the minimalism), but just a little flair to make it my own. I do it around my own house, and have expanded that into our new (old) camper travel trailer too.

These are real pictures I took! The best part? Everything came from the Dollar Tree! I am going to include a few ideas if you want to shop for these accessories online too, though. Dollar Tree stuff is kind of low quality.

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Welcome guests (and yourself) with a welcome mat

Welcome mats are perfect Cheap Ways to Accessorize an Older Camper

I love love love welcome mats, so naturally the camper needed one too. The black actually looked amazing on that lovely late 70s flooring we have going on. Actually, I think the flooring is cute and I’m kind of sad well be covering it up at some point. Oh well.

Mats are also great to get a bit of the dirt off your feet before you come in, just like at home. Personally I’d also add an outdoor mat to the front of your camper, RV, or travel trailer door so that even less dirt gets tracked in.

Here’s some cute welcome mat ideas you can buy online


Hang a cute hand towel in the kitchen

Hang a cute hand towel in the kitchen

Hand towels can add a pop of colour and style to any space, including your camper. Pick one up that suits your aesthetic. I went with bright colours because I knew it would match the brown and yellows that were already in the camper.

Of course, the little accents can really change the whole feeling of your camper so it’s fun to experiment with different styles. The best part? It’s super easy to change if you get bored.

My dollar tree towels are cute, but I love all these camping ones I found!


Use placements to brighten up old tables

Use placements to brighten up old tables

I love using placemats at home and in the camper. They’re handy for protecting surfaces, but also look super cute just sitting on the table. Vinyl ones are easy to rinse off and clean, too, which is great if you’re eating something messy.

For older campers, you might also want to use a placemat if you’re not happy with the quality of your table. That way you have a newer surface to put your utensils on rather than right on the table.

These placemats are also super cute!


Nice organizing baskets

Cheap Ways to Accessorize an Older Camper - Baskets

I’m one of those people who likes my cupboards to be pretty on the inside, too. That includes using stylish baskets to organize what’s inside rather than cheap looking one. It’s hard to believe these little wire baskets actually came from the dollar store!

Since campers don’t have a whole lot of cupboards that you use regularly, you can get away with splurging a bit on the organization. It’s well worth it!

Here’s some other storage basket ideas


Adding cute accents to accessorize an older camper

Adding cute accents to accessorize an older camper

This little ceramic sign reminded me of the Rae-Dunn stuff. Sadly it’s just a dollar store knock off, which is probably good in case it breaks. For accessories like this, make sure you put them away when you travel or fasten them down with something like 2 sided tape.

Plus there’s definitely no bad vibes allowed.

Campers are definitely not the place to go crazy with decorating. Just adding a few clever pieces around the place will make a big difference in the style, though. If you add much more it could look cluttered.

Here’s a few other decorative pieces I love!


Hopefully some of these cheap ways to accessorize an older camper will help inspire your own decorating. Keep things fun, light, and most importantly – you!